Steve Bennett
Data, maps & viz
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How can I help?

I'd love to help build your map or data vis website, or help navigate the complex worlds of open data and maps.

Back-end data engineering

Building automatic data processing pipelines from non-standard open data on the web to optimised, data-rich vector tiles.

Tech: Ubuntu, NodeJS, PostGIS, Tippecanoe

Front-end data vis magic

Complex Mapbox web maps with multi-layered choropleths and point maps and highly interactive data visualisations.

Tech: Mapbox-GL-JS, VueJS, D3, Tableau.

Expert advice

Over 10 years' experience in open data, data interoperability, and research data sharing. I've worked in academia, government, private sector and non-profits, covering data sharing from pretty much every angle. I can advise on using or producing open data, developing data standards, or how to approach a data or mapping problem.


Safety in Numbers map

Crowdsourcing platform for geographic road safety data.

Dental health atlas of Germany

Visualise public dental health data in Germany across different years.

World Wine Regions map

Interactive atlas of thousands of named wine regions around the world.

Gawler Challenge Map

Displaying hackathon submissions from dozens of teams on a single map.

Good Karma Networks

Find your closest Good Karma Effect community group.

Lüneburg Heath Nature Park

Multilingual trip planning site for tourists to northern Germany

DTA Search

Helps parents of children with disabilities find school transport options.

Alternative Earth

Procedurally-generated map that looks a bit like our world

Sports planning tool

Analysing the distribution of sports facilities with demographics for context

Find My School

Lets parents see which school zones their address is within.

Risky Roads Archive

Presenting the results of a statewide motorist survey of dangerous intersections.

Cherre property search

Find buildings or lots within New York City matching specific criteria.

Ziggurat calculator

Compute and visualise the increase in gross floor area by amalgamating property lots.

Water Sensitive Projects

Explore planned and completed green infrastructure projects in Kunshan, China.

What the Proj?

Helps guess the correct projection given an easting-northing pair and an approximate lat-lon.

Smartygrants Maps

Analyse and visualise grant data by boundaries such as LGA or Remoteness Area.

Recommends geocoder plans based on your specific needs


Visualisation tool for school planners, combining demographic change and school infrastructure.

Spatial Data Package Investigation

Analysing a possible spatial specification within the Frictionless Data ecosystem


Automatically converts a Mapbox style file to a Tangram/Mapzen scene.

Melbourne Parking Data Map

Real-time visualisation of on-street parking space availability and restrictions.

Melbourne open data tour

A 3D video showcasing a dozen of Melbourne's high-value open datasets.

Open Council Data Platform

Finds, acquires, merges, publishes local government open data.

Larry Donovan

Meticulously referenced Wikipedia article for obscure 19th century bridge jumper.


A standard connecting open data to pre-defined statistical boundaries.

Open Council Data Toolkit

Guidance, tools and templates for local governments considering open data.


Automated deployment of full OpenStreetMap, PostGIS, TileMill, OSRM stack.

PTV Timetable API developer portal

Developer-friendly documentation and sandbox for PTV's timetable API.

Open Council Data Standards

Standards for Australian local governments publishing open data.

Browse the collective open tree databases of dozen of local councils.

Hipster Map of Melbourne

A snarky map of cafes, bars, shopping and other cultural oddities.

EMS Cycle Tours

An interactive map of a decade's worth of cycle tours around Victoria.

OpenCouncilData map

Live-updating map of how many open datasets published by each local government in Australia.

Multi-line strings in YAML

Over-explaining YAML's many options for long strings, on StackOverflow.

Open Knowledge Melbourne

Co-founded an industrious collective of "open-everything" enthusiasts.

Route-planning site for cyclists, with special cartography, and customised routing engine.

Mapmaking for Academics

Teaching materials for PhD students and postdocs based on TileMill and Carto.

10 Things I hate about Git

A frustrated rant about Git's command line interface that struck a nerve and went viral.

Wikitext grammar

A formal grammar for Wikipedia's markup language, in ANTLR.

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